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2003 Panels and Workshops

  • Animation Workshop

  • A Brief History of the Vertigo Shot with Jack Barbera

  • Crash Course in Screenwriting

  • Documentary Panel Discussion

  • Legal Issues Panel Discussion

  • Screenwriting Panel Discussion

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 Documentary Features

Belles and Whistles: A Northern Woman's Journey into Southern Femdom -- Ghengis Blues -- Flag WarsHoney Boy -- I am Trying to Break Your Heart -- The Intolerable Burden -- The Last Link -- Mississippi Remembers World War II -- The Murder of Emmett Till -- Columbia: Cashing in on the Drug War Failure -- Rebel Forrest --Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworthy Working with TimeThe Rough South of Larry Brown -- Slavery: A Global Investigation -- The University Greys: From Students to Soldiers

Narrative Features 

The Blues, Selections -- Dying Fall -- Minoes -- Modern Times -

Narrative Shorts 

Awkward Gleaners -- The Bed -- Crossing -- Cry for Bobo -- Dos Mas -- Exile -- Une Fille de Joie (Lea's Voice) -- Gaydar -- Grumboon -- Hannah Can't Swim -- Heavenly -- Hello Junkie -- The Knocking Box -- October -- Sniper 470 -- They Said it Couldn't Happen -- Ugly and Me -- Uncle Sam and Your Money -- The Warrior and His Peace -- White Like the Moon

Documentary Shorts

Blue Suede Shoes in the Hood -- Buffalo Common -- Darkness in the Delta -- Heavy Metal Parking Lot -- Herbert Wiley: Be Back in a Minute -- Hitler's Hat Nutria Plan --

Experimental/Animated Shorts

Cobwebsin -- Here Comes Santa Claus -- Intelligent Life -- Man's Search for Happiness -- 99-cent Dreams, Part 1 -- Resurrection -- Rotating Dogs (Mississippi Nights) -- Ship of DreamsWhat the Thunder Said -- Zambian FootballersMatch Scratch Fever -- Three Sonnets

Youth Films

Cookie Jar -- Many Miniatures -- The Queen of Pickpockets -- Stephen Irvin's Animal Adventures -- What Really Happens in Band