Panavision gives $10,000 prize

The Oxford Film Festival is excited to announce the addition of Panavision-Dallas to their sponsors.  Panavision will be providing a $10,000 camera package rental to the winner of the Best Narrative Feature in the 2011 Oxford Film Festival. “What I love most about Panavision-Dallas’ support of the fest through this prize offering is that it gets right to the heart of what we want to see happen here at the Oxford Film Festival” said Micah Ginn, co-director of the festival.  “Panavision is helping us maintain the commitment to our filmmakers that we are going to do our best to help them keep on creating.  It is truly gratifying”

Molly Fergusson, executive director of the festival, reiterated Ginn’s point.  “We have from our very beginning been dedicated to furthering the careers of those filmmakers that participate in our festival.  Whether through networking opportunities, our speed pitch panel, agency review…and, prizes such as what Panavision-Dallas has brought to the table, we are confident the Oxford Film Festival is meeting the goals of providing real growth opportunities for our filmmakers.”

“Panavision loves to support emerging film-makers” said James Finn of Panavision-Dallas.  “(We are) happy to partner with the Oxford Film Festival for this award.”

“We are so thankful to Panavision-Dallas for their contribution to the 2011 Oxford Film Festival” said Fergusson.  “It is such an honor for us to be able to give truly important awards to our top prize winners at the Oxford Film Festival.”

The festival will be held February 10-13, 2011 this year and includes over 75 films, a variety of panels including the popular Speed Pitch Panel, and numerous parties where filmmakers can mingle.

For more information, contact or by phone at 662-801-6007.