Film & Music Festivals join for 2012

The Oxford Film Festival and Oxford Music Festival are proud to announce the partnership of the two popular festivals into one weekend extravaganza this February 2012. Feb. 9-12, 2012 will host both the film and music festivals with film during the day until late evening and musical acts every night. Combined tickets to both festivals are available for those who love both music and film. The two festivals will be interacting in a variety of ways including music documentaries, music videos and a music panel to be held at the Lyric Theater along with great musical acts. The opening night of the festivals on Thursday, Feb. 9 will provide a special treat for film, music and literature lovers including a special Thacker Mountain Radio Show, world premiere of the Oxford Film Festival’s second community film and the kickoff to the music festival.

"The more we talked about it, the more we realized how well the two festivals can compliment each other," Daniel Morrow, music fest organizer, said. "One great benefit for local musicians will be exposure to the filmmakers visiting town for the weekend."

"The Oxford Film Festival is excited to partner with the Oxford Music Festival," OFF Executive Director Molly Fergusson said. "We look forward to showcasing Oxford's very talented musicians to filmmakers from all over the country."

A full schedule for both festivals will be released later this year. The Oxford Film Festival is currently accepting submissions in all categories but especially the Mississippi music video category.

A call for sponsorship for the joint festivals is currently underway.