Sponsor the festival

Sponsor the 10th annual Oxford Film Festival with a cash or in-kind donation. Be part of what Keith Shapiro, director of Rhino Resurrected (winner of Best Documentary Feature at OFF 2012), called "the most hospitable environment imaginable" for watching "exciting new films" in the Spring 2012 issue of Moviemaker Magazine.

"I was touched by the level of engagement at the Q&As and the long post-screening conversations. The Oxford team doesn't have the resources of a big fest, but you wouldn't know it from the quality and diversity of its lineup of films and panels. I feel like I met lifelong friends and colleagues there.  After watching films all day, moviemakers and other attendees get to bond every night at the various establishments on the stately town Square."

With cash donations, the festival can pay for filmmaker amenities, such as ground transportation (including to/from the Memphis airport), hotel rooms, airfare for panelists, and cash prizes for winning filmmakers.

With in-kind donations, your product can be enjoyed at in our hospitality tent, our nightly parties, or the gift bags that filmmakers take back to their rooms.