Call for Scripts

For Immediate Release - Oxford Film Fest Call for Scripts} April 8, 2013

Oxford, MS - The Oxford Film Festival is looking for short narrative comedic scripts for its fourth annual community film to be produced this fall.

Scripts are due by June 1 to be in consideration to be produced by the festival. Screenwriters do not have to be from Oxford but must take into consideration Oxford's physical locations and characteristics unique to the community. The script must be 8-12 pages long and include a crowd scene to accommodate about 75-100 extra non-actors. The project can be any genre, with comedy preferred, but must be suitable for all ages.

The selected script may be considered as written but the festival producers may work with the writer on changing some aspects of the script as needed. The selected screenwriter may be present on set to be part of the filmmaking process. The chosen screenwriter will receive full writing credit for the film and will be listed on IMDB. There is no payment for the script.

The script will be made into a narrative short to be premiered at the 11th annual Oxford Film Festival on February 6-9, 2014.

For more on the Oxford Film Festival community film, visit our Youtube channel to see the previous films at

For questions or to submit your script, e-mail Include your name, contact information and title page.