Community Film 2015: Anthology of 2-minute films

Oxford Film Festival Community Film Open for Entries

Greg Earnest in  Palindrome  (2013)

Greg Earnest in Palindrome (2013)

The fifth annual Oxford Film Festival community film will be made by a series of filmmakers this year. Each filmmaker will be responsible for producing a two-minute segment in an overall anthology movie tied together by a common object.

The festival will provide the common object; what happens in between is entirely up to the filmmaker. There will be no overall “style” to the film, thereby showcasing the variety of filmmaking styles and talents in Oxford.

Filmmakers can submit two-minute segments between now and September 15, 2014 at Participants are asked to contact the festival directly either by the submission form below or by emailing in order to receive both the rules and the object. All styles and genres are welcome for the entries.

The Film Festival will be editing the film with transitions between the completed two-minute projects. Credits for the participating films will play at the end of the entire project. The film will premiere at the opening night of the February 2015 Oxford Film Festival and play several more times during the film festival before its online premiere in March 2015 at

Filmmakers will receive one VIP pass to the film festival (includes full party access) to be held February 26-March 1, 2015.

Fill out my online form.


Location: Must be filmed in Oxford, anywhere in city limits
Time: 2 Minutes MAX (do not include credits in the 2 minutes of film)
Object: Oxford Film Festival Cup (we will provide to each filmmaker)
Style: All styles and genres are welcome
Filmmaker: Does not have to be local but must film at least 50% of film in Oxford
Entry acceptance: Please email by July 15 to let us know you plan to submit an entry
File Submission: .mov or .mp4 files are requested (Prores 422 is also accepted).
Credits: Credits for all films will play at end. Credits will be submitted along with the project in text form to


  • Declaration of intent (to let us know you plan to submit an entry) = JULY 15
  • Final project = SEPTEMBER 15, 2014, via dropbox or google drive to or contact her to drop off in person.

Melanie Addington and Daniel Lee Perea will edit the transitions between the completed 2 minute projects. All editing of your film must be completed before submission.

PREMIERE: The anthology film will premiere during the opening night of the 12th annual Oxford Film Festival (February 26, 2015) with additional screenings throughout the weekend. We will then post the film online. By submitting your film, you allow for the multiple screenings.