Day of Giving on October 20!

Mark your calendar for October 20. It is the one day that you can do two things for the Oxford Film Festival.

#1 help us raise funds for Mississippi Day of Giving and

#2 save $50 on your VIP badge.

VIP badges have a value of $500 but we give them away at $150. On Oct. 20 you can get it for $100 only. This lets you into every event including private parties with celebrities (and we have some doozies this year which I will announce soonish!), every screening, priority access in line, food tent (it's coming back this year!), and more.

Last year we raised $9,050. Our goal is $7,500 this year. So if only 75 of you buy your VIP passes in advance, we hit our goal. That is it. Simple. A huge help to us, but a great savings for you.

Oh, and did I mention we are also giving away prizes to those who donate at any level? Yeah. All kinds of goodies.

Oh and did I mention we are also throwing a huge party on Oct. 20 from 6-midnight at The Growler where we are competing with Yoknapatawpha Arts Council to win the proceeds from beer sales that evening? Yeah. You can literally drink beer while helping two major non profits. Win-win.

Another way you can help? Get the word out. Share our website for Day of Giving (listed below) all day on Oct. 20 on all social media. Email your friends. Become a fundraiser and help us raise $500 of the $7,500! There are so many great ways to get involved. Help us prove just how generous Mississippi can be!