Looking for a few good people

The Oxford Film Festival is looking for a few good volunteer staff members.  We are looking for people to join our seasonal team. Starting in July, we will meet monthly with staff to begin recruiting volunteers, preparing for their area and getting ready for February 2017. 

We are looking for a:

Transportation Coordinator

  • Help find volunteers July-December
  • Coordinate travel with filmmakers and special guests December-January
  • Help manage vans, drivers and transportation issues - February

Print Traffic Coordinator

  • Meet Staff and sort logistics July-December
  • Coordinate print traffic delivery December-January
  • Help coordinate print traffic returns and work with projection staff - February

Assistant Volunteer Coordinator

  • Recruit July-December
  • Coordinate Volunteer trainings and assignments December-January
  • Help coordinate Shiftboard check ins and volunteer needs at fest- February

Merchandise Coordinator

  • Recruit volunteers and coordinate inventory July-December
  • Set up for venues and merchandise sales
  • Help coordinate volunteers in merchandise and do daily inventory at festival

Gift Bag Coordinator

  • Coordinate in-kind donations July- December
  • Coordinate gift bags pre-fest

Fundraising Party Coordinator

  • Help coordinate 3 seasonal fundraiser events March - November
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