Extras needed for Community Film "FireMax"

Max McDonaldson blows fire as FireMax. Jake Hall stars as Round About. Photo Courtesy of Melanie Addington

Max McDonaldson blows fire as FireMax. Jake Hall stars as Round About. Photo Courtesy of Melanie Addington


The Oxford Film Festival is producing its newest addition of the community film, FIREMAX, and will need extras for a large scene on Saturday, August 13. Taking part in the Art-Er Limits Fringe Festival, the experience is designed to allow for people in Oxford to take part in the creative process of making a movie.

Firemax is directed by Rory Ledbetter and produced by Melanie Addington and the Oxford Film Festival. The movie is about a superhero that must save Oxford from villains. A light-hearted comedy, the movie is family friendly. Extras of all ages are needed. If a minor, an adult must check you in during filming.

Extras are asked to email Melanie Addington by Thursday, August 11th to receive more detailed instruction at Melanieaddington@oxfordfilmfest.com. Extras will be part of a scene on the Courthouse Lawn on Saturday, August 13, filming at 9 a.m. and ending before noon. Extras must wear comfortable clothes that they would wear to an arts fair and clothing should have no logos on them. Check in on Saturday will be Shelter on Van Buren beginning at 8 am and no later than 8:30 a.m.

WARDROBE: Please wear comfortable clothing that would be suitable for walking around an Arts Festival (a la Double Decker Arts Festival) in the hot summer. Also, please wear tops/shirts/dresses that are either Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Black, or Green, or a combination of these colors. We would like everyone to avoid wearing Blue and White. However, blue jeans or off-white shorts are fine.

Artists are also needed to take part to showcase their art in the fair. Contact Melanie Addington if your artwork could be loaned for the scene.

The movie will premiere on Wednesday, February 15 as part of the 14th annual Oxford Film Festival to be held February 15-19, 2017.


The Oxford Film Festival was founded in 2003 to bring exciting, new and unusual films (and the people who create them) to North Mississippi. The annual five-day festival screens short and feature-length films in both showcase and competition settings, including narrative and documentary features and shorts; Mississippi narratives, documentaries and music videos, and narrative, documentary, animated and experimental shorts. The festival is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.