Food+ Film Fest Menu Now Live!

Join us Friday, February 17 from 6-8 pm at the Powerhouse to eat what you see on screen!

We will be pairing a whiskey with the I, Whiskey: The American Spirit film. 

Sinfully Southern Bakery will provide an appetizer while the audience enjoys The Flavor Saver and Ira Wallace: A Seed with A Story. Then another appetizer will be served from Canoodle with Little Kurdistan. 

Afterwards, Cutting Chai, our feature film, will highlight a menu from chefs Meherwan Irani, James Gorgan and guests. 

Menu includes:

Street Chai - Made in the style of the streets of India

Dry Bhel - A savory snack found all over India in many different renditions, and very popular on the streets. It is made up of various crunchy and puffed savory ingredients. Vendors even sometimes add peanuts, like their American counterparts, but with a little more "masala", naturally.

Desi-Chinese Wings - Desi-Chinese food is the "Tex-Mex" of India. Very popular and kind of sinfully indulgent, common, affordable, and delicious. And yes, these restaurants often do serve a rendition of chicken wings!

Mumbai Sandwich - Believe it or not, there are many sandwiches popular on the streets of India, but the Mumbai sandwich (also known as the "Mumbai Club") is one of the most popular in Mumbai. It's similar to a club sandwich, but with vegetarian ingredients. 

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