Best of Oxford Film Fest March 16 Free Screening

The Oxford Film Festival is hosting a free screening of the “Best of Oxford Film Festival” at The Powerhouse (413 South 14th Street) on March 16.

From 7 - 9:30 pm, the festival will screen five films. The feature Hoka winning film will be Some Freaks. Leading up to the film, viewers will see Firemax, Otha Turner, All Are Welcome Here (new addition) and Fox and the Whale, all Hoka winners at the 2017 festival.

 Firemax was this year’s community film and is the story of what happens when there is no crime for a superhero to fight. The film, set and filmed in Oxford, Mississippi, was written and directed by Rory Ledbetter. 

Also showing is winner of Best Mississippi Short Film Otha Turner. This short documentary takes place in Gravel Springs, Mississippi and digs into the archives to travel back to Labor Day 1978. 

 The Fox and the Whale  directed by Robin Joseph won the Hoka for Best Animation. The film is the tale of a curious fox who goes in search of an elusive whale.

The feature film Some Freaks won Best Narrative Feature Film and was directed by Ian MacAllister-McDonald. The film to close out the event follows the love story of a one-eyed high school senior and a 250 lb girl and how their relationship plays out during college when Jill loses weight.

The total run time of this event is two hours and forty-four minutes with an intermission after the short films. Concessions and beer will be available for purchase. The event is free but donations are accepted. The films are friendly to families with some adult themes for 14 and up in Some Freaks. For more information, visit