$5000 cash prize for one lucky short film!

This is our inaugural year with Artist Vodka to provide a $5,000 cash prize to one lucky short filmmaker along with flight and hotel to the 2018 festival.

The rules are only that the film must be under 25 minutes long. It can be any genre. Then only one of the following must be applied:

You must incorporate one of the following (your choice!);

· Artist Vodka mentioned verbally in film

· Or, character wearing an Artist Vodka t-shirt

· Or, placement of Artist Vodka bottle in foreground in a scene with logo facing camera

· Or, use of the Artist Vodka logo in a scene, i.e. poster, flyer, banner, etc.

· Or, “In Association with Artist Vodka" in beginning credits.

A t-shirt or bottle can be purchased if needed through the Artist Vodka website at http://artistvodka.com/

You retain the rights to your film. Submit to the Artist Vodka FIlm D'Or Award category today on Film Freeway