Vote for your favorite short!

The Oxford Film Festival is hosting an online showcase of their alumni filmmakers’ short films by partnering with The Audience Awards for a “Best of Shorts Fest” award. The contest is comprised of short films that have screened at the Oxford Film Festival during the past 12 years. The short film contest hosted by the Audience Awards will take place from October 6 - October 15, 2015. 


The Audience Awards is a great way to watch a variety of films created by Oxford Film Fest alumni as well as give film fans an opportunity to support their favorite filmmakers and give them some recognition. All they need to do is vote on the Audience Awards website anytime between October 6 - October 15, 2015. 

The winner is awarded an all-expenses trip (flight, hotel and VIP pass) to the 2016 Oxford Film Festival (February 17-21, 2016), will receive the film festival’s celebrated Hoka Award during the awards ceremony and have a re-screening of the film. The second and third runners up will receive credit from 

To vote for your favorite film, visit