Deepsouth screening on November 30 to be held free for World AIDS Day


To raise awareness of HIV and honor World Aid’s Day, Oxford Film Festival will be hosting
a free screening of the documentary Deepsouth November 30 th at the Powerhouse. The free screening will begin at 7pm and concessions will also be available.

The 2012 documentary, Deepsouth, is based on the new American South and the individuals who inhabit even the most isolated corners. This documentary follows college student Josh, an Alabama activist, as well as Kathie and Tammy who annually host an HIV retreat in rural Louisiana. Between these four, they begin to redefine traditional southern values and create their own plausible solutions to survive HIV despite the rising numbers.

“As one of the top lethal diseases in both America and worldwide, it is critical to better understand and instill change in how the world views and combats this disease,” said Melanie Addington, executive director of Oxford Film Festival. “As a non-profit who seeks to cover all areas of film, this was absolutely an opportunity to actively play a role.”

This screening has been made possible due to the support from Ole Miss student group, Queer
People of Color, Sarah Isom Center, UM Health promotion and Out Oxford. These sponsors along with many others have allowed Oxford Film Festival to encourage a strong presence of arts in the Oxford community. Over the last 15 years, Oxford Film Festival has experienced tremendous growth and hopes to continue this path in the years to come.