Free screening of The Parchman Ordeal on April 26

Oxford Film Festival will screen the documentary The Parchman Ordeal: The Untold Story free of admission at The Powerhouse on April 26, 2017.

            The film, produced by G. Mark LaFrancis, Darrell White and Robert Morgan, tells the story of the arrest and mistreatment of dozens of Natchez residents after attempting to march to raise awareness of civil rights abuses in October of 1965. Mostly young African-American men and women, some were held in the local jail while others suffered a four hour bus ride to the penitentiary. The terrible event was never reported and Natchez did not welcome these citizens back. The documentary reveals the abuse and punishment the Natchez residents went through as well as how they have reconciled with their town some fifty odd years later.

“It is stories such as these that are important for the Oxford Film Festival to share with our community,” Executive Director Melanie Addington said. “That is why it is so important that we continue monthly programming in Oxford to have opportunities to showcase stories such as The Parchman Ordeal.”

            The screening of The Parchman Ordeal: The Untold Story will be on April 26 from 7 pm to 9pm. Admission to the screening is free, and concessions will be available with proceeds supporting the Oxford Film Festival. The Powerhouse Community Arts Center is at 413 South 14th Street.